Hebridean Sky, East & West of Panama ex Lima to Cartagena

14 Night cruise departing from from Lima to Cartagena onboard Hebridean Sky. Pre cruise hotel stay included.

Departure date: 26 March 2020
Embark port: Callao (Lima) Peru
Cruise line: Noble Caledonia
Ship: Hebridean Sky



Category Quad Triple Twin Single

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Cruise Itinerary
Date Activity Arrive Depart
26/03/20 Callao (Lima) Peru Hotel
27/03/20 Callao (Lima) Peru Hotel
28/03/20 Callao (Lima) Peru Embark
29/03/20 At sea - -
30/03/20 Salaverry Trujillo, Peru
31/03/20 Isla Lobos de Tierra & Islas Lobos de Afuera, Peru
01/04/20 At sea - -
02/04/20 Puerto Lopez, Ecuador
03/04/20 Isla de la Plata Ecuador
04/04/20 At sea - -
05/04/20 Isla Gorgona, Colombia
06/04/20 Utria National Park, Colombia
07/04/20 Bahia Solano, Colombia
08/04/20 Panama City, Panama
09/04/20 Panama Canal
10/04/20 San Blas Islands, Panama
11/04/20 Cartagena, Colombia Disembark
Itinerary may vary by sailing date and itineraries may be changed at the cruise lines discretion. Please check itinerary details at time of booking and before booking other travel services such as airline tickets.

Cruise Description

14 Night cruise departing from from Lima to Cartagena onboard Hebridean Sky. Pre cruise hotel stay included.

Let us take you to some of the loveliest, untouched and fascinating places in Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Colombia as we sail from the Pacific coast of Peru to the Caribbean coast of Colombia including a transit through the Panama Canal, top of many a traveller’s wish list.

Beginning in Lima, we will sail north along the coast of Peru visiting Chan Chan, a pre-Columbian site of the Chimu culture and the largest adobe city in the world. Also land on Lobos de Tierra, a tiny island off the Peruvian coast, famous for its abundant marine and birdlife. After a day at sea we continue our exploration of this wildlife rich region visiting Ecuador’s Machalilla National Park, a protected coastal haven for a huge diversity of birdlife and wildlife. Further north, visit Colombia’s Utria National Park with its dense rainforest, mangroves and home to many bird species, reptiles and monkeys. After our transit of the Panama Canal, a 50 mile passage which still continues to astonish the most veteran traveller, we spend time in Panama’s stunning San Blas Archipelago where the Kuna Indians proudly preserve their heritage. Our voyage ends surrounded by the colonial architecture of Cartagena, a fitting end to our diverse and fascinating exploration of South America.

Much of our itinerary is far from the ‘big ship’ routes and a voyage such as this would be difficult to comprehend or undertake by any other means than a cruise. The MS Hebridean Sky is the perfect vessel for such a journey and our Zodiacs will be put to good use in the more remote places allowing us to land and explore otherwise unreachable places. Our experienced expedition team will add much to your enjoyment and knowledge through their lectures and briefings regarding all we will see and experience.

Day by Day Itinerary:

Day 1 - Lima, Peru.
Arrive into Lima and transfer to the Westin Lima Hotel (or similar) for a two night stay. Enjoy the remainder of the evening at leisure.

Day 2 - Lima.
After breakfast in the hotel we will have a free morning to relax or explore independently. In the early afternoon we enjoy a tour of Lima city, which was founded by the conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535, and then named the ‘City of Kings’ by the Spaniards who took the city in name of the Spanish Crown. See the most important buildings in the Plaza Mayor, such as the Government Palace, the beautiful cathedral and the various small palaces and colonial balconies that adorn the capital of the Peruvian Republic, all of which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to its wellpreserved architecture. Before we return to the hotel there will be some time devoted to the Larco Herrera Museum where we will be able to admire wonderful displays of Peru’s pre-Columbian ceramic and textile art. This evening meet for dinner in the hotel.

Day 3 - Lima.
Today we will head out of the city to the famous Pachacamac Temple, a religious compound which dates from the 3rd century and made entirely of clay. Visit the impressive Temples of the Sun and Moon as we learn about the Inca and Pre-Inca people that lived here. After lunch in a local restaurant we transfer to the MS Hebridean Sky, berthed in the port of Callao. This evening enjoy a Welcome Dinner and Drinks as we sail north.

Day 4 - At sea.
Spend a relaxing day on board the MS Hebridean Sky. Maybe join a lecture or find a spot on deck.

Day 5 - Salaverry.
Arrive this morning at Salaverry, our base for a full day of touring. From the port we will drive to the ruins of Chan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the imperial capital of the Chimu, where we explore the ruins of the largest adobe city in the world, marvelling at their skillful irrigation and engineering projects. We also visit the intriguing desert city of Trujillo. This oasis city was founded by Pizarro in 1536 and still exudes much Spanish colonial charm. Visit the Casa Urquiaga, a mansion containing pre-Columbian ceramics and the Plaza de Armas with its imposing 17th century cathedral. Return to the ship for lunch and this afternoon we will visit Huaca de la Luna to see the Huaca del Sol pyramids from the Moche culture, a remarkable pre-Inca civilisation also spend time in the fascinating on-site museum.

Day 6 - Lobos de Tierra.
Today, weather permitting, will be the first opportunity to use our Zodiacs as we visit the offshore island of Lobos de Tierra. In the 19th century this was the site of a large guano mining centre however today it is an important seabird sanctuary and home to Peruvian pelicans, blue footed boobies and cormorants. We will explore the coastline in the Zodiacs and take walks ashore watching for the birdlife and South American sea lions in the waters.

Day 7 - At Sea.
Maybe join one of the lectures in the lounge, read a book in the library or watch for wildlife from the deck as we have a day at sea sailing to Ecuador.

Day 8 - Puerto Lopez, Ecuador.
Today we start our exploration of coastal Ecuador and anchor at Puerto Lopez for an excursion to the Machalilla National Park, an area of great diversity on the juncture of the cold Humboldt current flowing north and the warm El Nino current flowing south. It contains one of the world’s largest tropical dry forests, at 55,000 hectares, and is an example of the vegetation that once covered 25% of Ecuador’s land mass. We travel inland to a small village with an interesting archaeological site. Here we will split into groups for our walks to see the varied flora and fauna, including several types of cacti, kapok and palo santo trees that have adapted to the arid conditions, and the many varieties of birds including coastal parrots. We will take lunch in the park before returning to the pleasant fishing village of Puerto Lopez.

Day 9 - Isla de la Plata.
Around forty kilometres off the Ecuadorian coast is the small island of Isla de la Plata (Silver Island) where it is claimed Sir Francis Drake buried some of his treasure. The island is part of the Machalilla National Park and a sanctuary for sea birds such as the red footed, blue footed and Nazca boobies who share the steep cliffs with frigate birds, albatrosses and the red-billed tropic birds. Today our naturalists will lead nature walks searching for wildlife before sailing in the late afternoon.

Day 10 - At Sea.
Spend a relaxing day at sea as we sail towards Colombia.

Day 11 - Isla Gorgona, Colombia.
Once a high security prison island located 50 miles off the Colombian mainland, Gorgona Island has reinvented itself as a natural paradise with golden sandy beaches, fresh water streams, waterfalls and tropical forests. In the mid-1980s the island became a National Park, the prison converted to a research centre and one of the houses to a museum. We will spend the day on the island and offer a choice of activities including nature walks looking for some of the many species of birds, snakes, sloths and monkeys as well as the blue anole – the world’s only blue lizard. Alternatively enjoy a swim or snorkel from the beaches or learn more about the history of the island from the local guides.

Days 12 & 13 - Utria National Park & Bahia Solano.
Today we land on the Pacific coast of Colombia and have a day and a half to explore this beautiful area which is well off the traditional cruise routes. Here we find the Utria National Park, a tropical forest which reaches down to the sandy beaches. Using our Zodiacs to get ashore we will enjoy hikes and nature trails and observe the flora and fauna with our local guides. In Bahia Solano we will visit the small town whilst the more active amongst us may wish to join a walk to a private rainforest reserve which runs alongside the Rio Mecana and is part of a 170 hectare nature reserve. Made up of mangroves, tropical forest, native plants and trees of the Choco region, our local guides will point out the indigenous plants and birdlife and highlight the ongoing reforestation programmes. We also hope to offer a chance to swim from the beaches.

Day 14 - Panama City, Panama.
Panama City is a combination of the historic old town, declared a UNESCO Historical Monument, and the ultra-modern new town. We will offer a choice of activities today. Join an excursion to the Panama Canal Observation Centre and learn about the expansion of the canal before visiting the Miraflores Locks Visitor Centre where we see the history of the canal and watch the ships as they pass through. Alternatively, for those interested in meeting the Embera Indians, a tour to the Chagres National Park has been arranged where we can take a dug out canoe to the village in the jungle, meet the local tribe and learn about their history.

Day 15 - Panama Canal Transit.
An undisputed destination on the travel bucket list must be the Panama Canal. The first attempt to build the canal was made by a French company but ended in failure in 1889. The American government eventually bought out the French for 40 million dollars, and their attempt to build the Canal started in 1904. Through the efforts of over 80,000 workers and the loss of more than 30,000 lives, the greatest single construction project ever undertaken was completed. The project ended in triumph, with the Canal opening in 1914, and it is now a vital artery of international trade, with nearly 14,000 ships travelling through it every year. The canal is around 50 miles long and takes between eight to ten hours to cross.

Day 16 - San Blas.
Spend the morning at the stunning San Blas Archipelago. The archipelago is made up of over 400 islands which line the north coast of Panama with white sandy beaches set in a turquoise sea. The islands are home to the indigenous Kuna Indians who gained self-rule from the government of Panama in the 1920s and maintain their traditional way of life including the production of colourful fabric art known as ‘molas’. Choose to join a nature walk or maybe enjoy a swim from the beach. Return to the ship for lunch and a relaxing afternoon at sea.

Day 17 - Cartagena, Colombia.
Cartagena is one of the most fascinating cities in South America and after disembarking this morning we enjoy a walking tour of the colonial walled-city which is virtually surrounded by water and steeped in history, with a wealth of 16th and 17th century buildings and churches. Our guides will bring the history of the city to life as we walk its streets and ramparts. After lunch in a local restaurant we will transfer to the airport.

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