Cruise Destinations

Africa - North & Middle East

Africa will astound all who visit, taking you up close and personal to African wildlife habitats and incredible landscapes.

Africa - South & Central

Africa is always about its wild life and most cruises include the opportunity to experience this at some stage of the itinerary.

Alaska & Canada West

Beautiful Alaska, the last untouched wilderness. See the most spectacular scenery and wildlife this life can offer.


Few visitors have the privilege of experiencing Antarctica but those who do will be ambassadors for the protection of this pristine continent.

Arctic North Atlantic

Timelessness is the key word, says Carol Kasza. It begins with the light–until you've experienced an Arctic summer, you can't conceive of the abundance of time that 24 hours of daylight gives you.

Arctic Northwest and Northeast Passages

An epic expedition for true explorers who are able to Sail in the wake of famous explorers, surrounded by a landscape of glaciers, mountains and vast plains – spectacular and unspoilt.


Asia is a land of contrasts.Cruise the region or cruise a single destination. Exploring the region by ship often combines well with a stopover in this exciting area.

Asian Rivers

Asia has four major navigable rivers that offer wonderful river cruise experiences

Atlantic Trans

To cross the North Atlantic is one of the worlds great line voyages - nostalgia and relaxation are the 2 keys to these popular cruises.


Cruise the Barrier Reef, the North West Coast, Tasmania or the Inland Rivers. Australia is one of the world's most desirable destinations.

Australian Rivers

The mighty Murray River - Australia's largest & the 5th longest river system in the World - has a history dating back to the 19th Century.


The Bahamas consist of over 700 islands and cays, most of which are uninhabited, covering over 100,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean.


Bermuda is one of the jewels on the planet. Aquamarine and turquoise seas surround these beautiful islands.

Canada & New England

Canada - a land of spectacular scenery and wildlife...


The Caribbean is the most popular cruise destination in the world, offering white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, great shopping and an exciting mix of cultures.

Egypt & Nile

There is so much history to Egypt. A land of ancient splendour enriched by centuries of culture.

EU British Isles

Most cruises visiting the United Kingdom do so to the South Eastern Corner of this vibrant combination of 4 nations - England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland - each with its own culture, history, accent and even language.

EU Mediterranean

The home of Western Civilisation from The Rock of Gibraltar to Eastern Turkey, the history and magnificence of cruising the Mediterranean will inspire any visitor.

EU Norwegian Fjords

Norway, with its grandeur and magnificent fjords, is a base for a cruise that superlatives can’t describe. Nowhere are there fjords to match the grandeur of those in Norway, where the deceptively clear water reflects the mountains like a mirror.

EU Rivers

The Riverlands of Europe have some of its oldest cultural centre. Names such as Cologne, Aachen and Mainz are synonymous with soaring Gothic architecture

EU Scandinavia & Baltic

From the fairytale castles of Copenhagen to the gilded palaces of St. Petersburg, Scandinavia and Baltic Russia, cruise ports reflect over two millennia of history.

EU West & Atlantic Islands

A cruise in European waters offers a diversity of experiences. You can view architecture and works of art in the great cities of London, Paris or Amsterdam or head to the warmer climes of the Atlantic Islands


Experience the true spirit of Hawaii on an Hawaiian vacation where the ancient culture and enchanting beauty of the islands combine with the allure of the sea to create an unforgettable Hawaiian experience.

India & Indian Ocean

The home of one of the world's oldest civilizations, and several of the world's great religions, India has been changing and re-shaping itself for as long as anywhere on earth, forever producing new forms of culture and absorbing new influences.

India Rivers

Modern ships traverse the three great rivers of the North and East India: The Hooghly (sometimes called the lower Ganges), The Ganges and the Brahmaputra river in Assam.


The region retains a truly Mexican flavour couples with pristine beaches coupled with stunning backdrops of cliffs and jungle.

North America Atlantic

Key cruise destinations serviced from these ports include the TransAtlantic , Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermuda and Canada and New England

North America Pacific

Pacific Coastal Cruises are seasonal cruise itineraries that focus on the area between San Francisco, California and Vancouver, British Columbia.

North America Rivers

If you're looking for a cruise vacation that's completely different from any other, then consider a cruise on America's great rivers.

Panama & Central America

Panama Canal should be on everyone's list of must-see places. Ninety years after its completion, this link between two great oceans is as amazing as ever

South America

From the glitter of Rio and Buenos Aires to the penguins and whales of the Straits of Magellan, to the intriguing colonial history South America is a destination of opposites, and one of the most exciting destinations in the world.

South American Rivers

The highlights of a South American river cruise is of course the Amazon rainforest, with its stunning wildlife, tropical flora, traditional villages and unique cultural experiences but it is not the only river cruise on this great continent.

South Pacific & New Zealand

Cruises of the South Pacific are our most popular. Leave footprints on a white sand beach in Fiji, Noumea, Vanuatu, Tahiti or explore the contrast of the Australian Coast and New Zealand.

World Cruises & Sectors

Of all the world's travel experiences, none can compare with a world cruise.