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American Spirit

Small ship cruising with American Cruise Lines is not like cruising on a mega-ship for days on the open sea. Small ships, like the American Spirit provide a more remarkable adventure, enabling no more than 92 passengers to experience personally and intimately, a multitude of fascinating destinations unreachable by larger, conventional cruise ships. American Cruise Lines' vessels are perfectly designed for inner explorations of off-the-beaten-track waterways and charming ports that passengers on large ships will never see. Shared adventures and camaraderie are savored onboard and during escorted shore excursions. This unique experience is further enriched through onboard lecturers and naturalists, and special visits from local experts. Small ship cruising offers travelers a relaxing, intimate atmosphere, casual ambiance, an unrivaled cultural experience, and the opportunity to be part of an educational, historic adventure along the natural splendor and smooth inland waters of the East Coast.

American Star

American Star entered service in June 2007. Similar to the American Spirit, it will offer guests the same unique style of cruising that has become the hallmark of American Cruise Lines. From charming small towns to gracious southern ports, the American Star will bring guests to places of historic interest and magnificent beauty. Onboard, each guest will be able to unwind in the friendly and accommodating atmosphere created by our staff.